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-Products & Service
New-Flow is constantly developing new products to meet our clients’ application needs. Our current product lines include:

Flow System
* Thermal Mass Flow Meter
* Roots Type Flow Meter
* Variable Area Type Flow Meter:
Glass tube type, Acrylic tube type
* Metal Tube Flow Meter
* Psiton Type Flow Meter (for oil, liquid, and gas)
* Venturi Tube
* Orifice Plate
* Paddle Type Flow Switch
* Purge Set (Micro Flow Meter):
Rotary type flow meter, Paddle type flow meter

Level System
* Magnetic Float Level indicating with Switch
* Side Mounted Float Switch
* Tuning Fork Level Switch
* Capacitive Level Switch
* Displacer Operated Level Switch
* Float Operated Level Switch
* Electrode Level Switch
* Hydrostatic Level Probes Transmitter
* Magnetic Float Level Transmitter

Temperature System
* Bimetal Thermometer
* Liquid, Gas Filled Type Thermometer
* Explosion Proof Type Temperature indicating Switch- ETS-5000
* RTD (Resistance Thermo Sensor)
* Thermo Couple

Pressure System
* Pressure Gauge
* Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
* Different Pressure Gauge & Switch
* Pressure Switch
* Pressure Transducer-PT3100
* Digital Pressure Gauge-DPG3000

Valve System
* Air Pressure Regulator
* Gas Pressure Regulator
* Liquid Pressure Regulator

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